Open Dynalist links in the desktop application (not in a http browser!)

In “Evernote” or “Things” you can access a note or area directly via application links. They look like this:



This means, in practice, that I for instance can click on a link in Things that transfers me directly to Evernote application (and not the http web version) and vice versa. However, this is unfortunately not possible in Dynalist, which kills my workflow with Dynalist and as a result I’m not sure I’ll sign up for another year when the subscription is about to be renewed.

I really hope you could implement a solution so one can open application links to Dynalist directly via, e.g., MS Word, Evernote, Things, and so on (and not the http web links! Some of us don’t use Dynalist in the web browser mode at all).

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:


I don’t have an answer, I just came to say I never though of doing that. Linking between dynalist, evernote, things, etc. I guess any service with hyperlinking can be linked together into a wild workflow. I should try that more.