Open Dynalist links in the desktop application (not in a browser!)

Is it just me or is there really no option (like in WorkFlorry) where you can decide that the internal links always should open in the desktop app and not as a tab in your default browser?


That’s correct. If you’re already in the desktop app, Dynalist links will open in the desktop app. Not if you’re clicking on Dynalist links in your browser. Care to share your use case?

Nevertheless, I think it’s something we should work on though, i.e. register a dynalist:// protocol with the OS. Not sure if we want to always hijack http(s):// and display in the desktop app. Might be undesirable for some people.

Dear Erica,

Thank you for your answer. What I really hope could be implemented is that I get to chance to insert links from Dynalist into for example Evernote or a Word document and then when I click on the link in Evernote or Word document the link will open directly in the Dynalist desktop app (and not the web browser). The lack of this core feature is the only reason why I haven’t already emigrated from WorkFlorry to Dynalist.

PS: I’m not sure what to make of the following question “Care to share your use case?” ?

I see!

You already answered it. I was asking under what circumstances you would find the dynalist:// links useful. You said in other apps like Word or Evernote.

I searched a bit and didn’t find a feature request for this. Do you want to create one yourself?

(I found one about iOS deep linking, which is similar, but that’s a terminology for iOS apps only)

Yes, I would really like that a feature request for an dynalist://-option for “open links in desktop version only” would be submitted to your team developers. Thank you! :smile:

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You can do that by directing posting here:

That way you can also gather interest from other users and talk about it :slight_smile:

I really want this!

As a workaround, without resorting to creating a dynalist:// protocol, I’d want the Dynalist mac app to be able to redirect to a node if it’s opened with a dynalist url (starting with http:). In my situation, at the OS level I’ve told it to open Dynalist links in Dynalist, but that only seems to bring Dynalist to the foreground, not actually navigate to the url

Hello Erica, any update on " Nevertheless, I think it’s something we should work on though, i.e. register a dynalist:// protocol with the OS".

I use the Hook app to capture application links directly from Things 3 such as [430 ]things:///show?id=SprL1dUWZhzfvsxzYz6uG9, which I quickly can insert in the Dynalist App for MacOS. But it is such a bummer that I can’t capture dynalist:// links and insert these in Things 3 and Evernote.

If this could be added, I’d return again as a paying Pro Dynalist member right away!

It’s a long shot, but I wonder if you can use this tool to do it.

It lets you register you own URI (i.e, dynalist://) to launch shell scripts with url parameters.

The issue is I’m not sure dynalist even supports shell scripts. Does it? It’s electron…