Only show relative date

Have an option so that all dates are of the form “x days ago” like “2 days ago”.

It already does so for < 4 days and I’d like to increase that.

This will be available very soon. Cheers!


Is it available now?

Yeah, unfortunately it’s part of a Pro feature called “Custom date format”. You can write “relative” in that field for this effect.

More info on that feature here:

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Aw. Still it’s pretty cool that it got implemented. I thought I’d buy the pro if it did but monthly payments actually get expensive for students.
Thank you for your time.

Probably yes, but are you aware of this page?
Student discount - Dynalist Help Center

Was about to say that, thanks Francisco! :wink:

Can you add another option to this feature. In Pro version allow to select the time limit that is shown in relative terms if default date format is used?

Currently default format is:

  • [-6d; 6d] - relative presentation (f.e. in 4 days, 21:00)
  • (; -6d) : (6d; ) - absolute presentation (Wed, July 11th 2018)

It really would be great to add another field in Settings where you can change that “6” value!


Sure, we’ll consider that, thanks for the suggestion!



Today is still 7/12, so it should not say a day ago!

It seems when more than 21 hours it start show “a day ago”. I do hope they have more precise option for relative format, but it is good enough for me as now.

We use moment.js and that’s why:

“22 ~ 35 hours” is displayed as “a day ago”. I think they are going for the rough idea of timestamps without making it too complicated, like you don’t want to see “one day and three hours ago” either.

But you are not using moment.js for the default display of dates when those are relative. These two are inconstent. (And Default gets it right.)

But the default doesn’t handle months and years earlier or later good enough. Otherwise we’d need to reinvent moment.js’s wheels. :thinking:

If the inconsistency bothers you, we can change both to moment.js’s implementation. I think we have better things to do than this though.

Don’t do that! I abandoned relative because the results were extremely confusing. I’d hate for default to also be confused.