One huge document or many small?

Right now, I have three documents. I keep wondering why I have three though. With unlimited nesting, instead of three (projects, task, meetings), why not have them all in the same doc.

Any reason to have multiple docs from a performance or archive or … well, any tech reason why? Or is it just a preference.

One document can be slower. I think this issue only comes up if you leave things expanded instead of collapsed. One document is easier for searching, as search by default limits to one document. Documents can be shared, so if you want to share part of your data with another user, it should be a separate document. Archives create one file per document.

Other than these and a couple minor things of similar import, it’s a preference.

It’s preference.

I am strongly in camp “one document”. There’s only one universe and it’s all connected. It all loads into your computer RAM so it’s faster to find everything.

Some people manage to put so much into one document that it lags their computer, in which case they have no choice but to split it into multiple documents.

The big difference is the search function. If you have separate documents, you can search only for things in that document. If everything is together, you search everything. I wish there was an option to search Children of a thing. There is ‘ancestor:’ search option and I expect it works, but it’s a bit of effort to make the root of your search uniquely described and to use that in a search tag every time.

Or if you keep a separate document and you can just search the document.