One-click link for email and phone

In WF, email addresses and phone numbers become hyperlinks allowing one-click access. Couid this be added to Dynalist?


Email links would be a link, that I understand. What about the phone number link on desktop? Should it only work on mobile?

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I think that letting the browser decide is ok.

using the tel: protocol seems to be the default way of doing this:


Thanks for the heads-up! We discovered that soon after as we were working on the Android app.

I just saw on of these links on my desktop and it didn’t do anything. It’d be cool if it can trigger some VoIP app (maybe it didn’t do anything because I don’t have something like that installed?)

Oh my MacOS they seem to, but I’m really not sure what they’re triggering and I don’t want to try and make the call to someone I don’t know.

[Edit:] Turns out since I don’t have an iPhone7, the call doesn’t work anyways on MacOS either, but apparently it would try to use the features of iOS10 and Sierra to make the call with your phone from your computer[/Edit]

I could’ve sworn that Apple has added this ability in Safari and mentioned it in an older WWDC.

Any update on if this is a planned feature, and when it may happen? Would be really helpful

This is still planned, we just didn’t find time to get around this, sorry about that!

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I tried adding mailto: links fully expecting it to work, and when it wasn’t, I kept thinking I was doing something stupid with the MD link format or something like that.

[Test link](

should not try to redirect to URL, obviously. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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Tracked and will fix soon, thanks for reporting! :clap:

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This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

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Tested on desktop and online versions and works for me…Thanks!!

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Thanks a lot for confirming! :smiley:

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