Offline Windows program loads all entries into RAM, crashes program

Steps to reproduce

I imported all my WorkFlowy entries into one big document (to reproduce, create a document with thousands of entries, maybe using copy/paste of a big outline online).
I’m using Dynalist to take notes in class, but in one classroom, there is no internet connection, so I have to use the offline software. The program seems to store all of the thousands of entries into the RAM which causes the OS to lock up and force-close the program.

Expected result

I would expect the program to run just like the web service - to cache only relevant data while leaving the rest in the permanent memory.

Actual result

Unlike the web service, the offline program stores all of the entries into the RAM. When the number of entries is large, this becomes too much data for the RAM to continue to operate.


I’m using Windows 10 with the Dynalist desktop program. I believe this problem only occurs when the computer is NOT connected to the intern

Additional information

Also, when I restart the app, the data from my latest session goes missing :frowning: I guess it’s similar to this post, but with the added problem of jamming up the RAM.

Hi, I believe this is not due to loading all entries to memory. All your data are plain text and will only take 50 MB at the most. On web Dynalist loads everything into memory too, for the purpose of global search.

For the RAM issue, please see this post: Dynalist using a ridiculous amount of RAM (Windows Desktop App)