Offline Mode per Document/Folder

In the theme of “more, always more”, could the new “Offline Mode” be updated to be on a per document or per folder basis? I got really excited when I saw that Offline Mode had arrived, but I was assuming that it would be possible to set per document. I assume most people would prefer this?

I assume there could be some issues with links into the offline document, but personally I’d be fine if they just failed if I tried to link in from a machine that didn’t have the sync’d document.

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Seconded. Offline mode toggle per document would be a great improvement. Just like how added it to their desktop outliner recently –


Otherwise you cannot use Dynalist for both sides of life - work and personal - because you have to strip all confidential info from all documents before toggling sync back on on, or leave offline mode on permanently and forgo all online features forever.