O365/Microsoft Account

It would be awesome to login and integrate with a Microsoft account for work. Most people have a Google account, but I use Dynalist mostly for work and Gmail doesn’t benefit me in any way from that perspective. It would also open up a great deal of other integrations that could be marketable for Dynalist Pro.


Agreed about not limiting integrations to Google or Gmail only. My work is tied into MS/O365 and that is where I most intensely use Dynalist. I’d definitely want to be able to integrate the two.

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Will definitely look into it when we focus on the enterprise market!

Could you give us more specific examples of the integrations? Being able to login with a Microsoft account is definitely nice by itself.

Microsoft Account sign in would be awesome, also probably worth considering Azure Active Directory and SSO such as OKTA if you are aimed at marketing to enterprise.

As far as integration goes, Microsoft Accounts have a permissions setup similar to Google, Facebook and AppleID. The big difference is that most orgs use Exchange for email and therefore your work contacts are tied to Microsoft Account. This would allow for @ mentioning contacts in Dynalists used for tasks and potentially baking contacts into Dynalist tagging to take advantage of a “my stuff” filtering feature.

Any account has profile images that could be pulled and displayed in Dynalist. Hovering or clicking on a reference to a user could display their contact information and options to call/email/share directly with them. You could also use office accounts in reverse and create Dynalist plugins for most any Office app that utilizes features from that app as well as the account; lists are useful in most any work context.

Bottom line, Dynalist is awesome for work and the sky is the limit. Integrating with my work email would be a great first step.

And simply, but importantly for me, would be the ability to get data (emails primarily) from O365 into Dynalist…however that gets implemented. The example I’m thinking of is Moo.do which seems to have great and deep functionality as long as you are using Google/Gmail, but has no options for MS integration, even with bringing in emails from O365.

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Thanks, all great ideas! Enterprise is so different from consumer market.

Marketing to enterprises requires so much more though, for example account management, up-time guarantee, and all that. Allow Microsoft sign-in would be a nice step one when we start to market to enterprise though :slight_smile:

By the way, is it possible for only a few users in an enterprise to use a SaaS? I believe you do need to take it to the IT people right? Would appreciate it if someone can explain how the process works. Googling gives some results but concrete examples are more interesting, except the ones already with Dynalist users! :smiley:

it would definitely be case by case. The company I work for does. That being said though, I’m much more likely to pay to use something if I can use it at work. I pay for a handful of tools that I almost exclusively at work. I think you’d see benefits on both sides of the fence.

I work in the higher education environment, so our market and implementation is also probably slightly different from other enterprises, and can be variable by institution too. For me, any implementation that would enable me at least some basic integrations with O365 would be great. I can live without deep integrations for now. As Clayton mentioned, email is a vital aspect and would be a good first step (even if just the ability to forward emails into Dynalist), that’s the main missing piece in my workflow right now.

Are those costs reimbursed by the company? And did you have to have the tools reviewed by the IT people at your company? Thanks in advance!

Email forward probably doesn’t require O365 integration at all.

What are some examples of basic O365 integration? Like logins? Or backups in OneDrive? (Sorry I’m not even sure if OneDrive is part of 0365)