Numbering of children gets messed up while expanding list

Steps to reproduce

In main list create nested list for an item
Number children of main list
Expand the nested list item

Expected result

The numbers of children in main list must not change

Actual result

The numbering again starts from 1 from the next item to the nested list item


Win 7
Desktop version

Additional information

Additional comments

The problem does not arise in the web app, but only in the desktop app

Wow! What a subtle bug!

I was able to reproduce this on my end, and it doesn’t appear to effect the web app version.

Will add this but to the to-do list.


Thank you for the quick response

It looks like this is a duplicate of the other bug on the forum: Number list discontinuity (when expanded and/or collapsed)

It looks like upgrading the version of Electron would fix it, but it’s gonna require some work to update it and make sure everything still works.

@Samuel_Moses_A: should be fixed in the latest desktop app (v1.2.0). Could you verify it please?