Numbering incorrect when expanding a sublist

Steps to reproduce

Make a list with multiple items. Make sure some item in the list is a sub-list (i.e. make sure an item in the list has children).

Turn the list into a numbered list. Expand the sub-list.

Expected result

No change to the numbering on the list.

Actual result

The numbering resets to 1. after the sublist. This goes away and comes back dynamically as you expand / collapse the sublist.


Chrome, Windows 10 (I haven’t seen this in the Windows 10 app).

Additional information

example of the numbering resetting:

Duplicate of this bug?

Yes, duplicate.

Yeah, unfortunately we’re still waiting for Chrome to fix it.

I think they broke it at one point, which is why everything is fine on there. The browser used in the desktop app is a bit outdated, at that time Chrome/Chromium probably hadn’t introduced this bug yet.

I’ve observed all manner of bugs in numbering the one time I tried using it. Yes Chrome. Basically after creating the list, I did all kinds of edits, cuts, pastes, and it just didn’t behave.

Do these bugs appear in the Windows app too?

Don’t have the Windows app.

Okay, if you read the other thread (Number list discontinuity (when expanded and/or collapsed)), it seems to be a new Chrome bug, as we didn’t change anything about numbered lists and no one experiences them in older browsers (i.e. the desktop apps).

It should get fixed soon (Chrome 69ish as we currently know). Sorry for not being able to fix this on our end.

It appears in the windows app too.