Numbered list offset issue


In short, when I enable “number children”, there’s a problem with the display of the numbers when the numbers get larger. The html element containing the number seems to have something like an “absolute” position so that if the number is say in the hundreds or thousands, it overflows and overlaps with the content of the item. (See the screenshot I attached). It’s possible to work around this of course (use a different font / keep the list shorter). Still I thought since this is probably unintended behavior I’d report it. Thanks!

Thanks for catching this bug!

We have been aware of this for a while now, but as it’s not straightforward to fix, we have been stuck on it.

Basically, if the numbers don’t overlap with the text, they will overlap with the icons that appear when you hover the item.

We’ll take another look and see if there’s anything we can do now.

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I had reported this myself some time go. I would LOVE to see this fixed, thanks!

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The problem still lingers with numbering lists greater than 100 elements

We’ll adjust the width of the number text to work up to 999 as a temporary fix in the next patch.

In the long run, we’ll need to make some serious layout re-writes so that it would automatically expand its width and push the menu options on the left side of it. Sorry for the wait!

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