Numbered List in the API

There does not seem to be a way to distinush a numbered list from a regular bulleted list in the API

Yeah, that parameter is missing. Or rather, not surfaced on the API, as I think they say. I vaguely remember some other things are missing too, but I can’t remember what. I’m not sure why the API doesn’t just return the document as it’s stored exactly. Not many people have used the API for reading documents so they probably never developed it very far.

I think internally there’s a ,"l":1 on the content for numbered lists. That’s how it looks in /Users/me/Library/Application Support/Dynalist/dynalist/data

Personally, I think it would have been a lot more useful if the API gave you the Export formats (plain text, OPML, etc). At least we’d be able to figure them out easier.

Hmm you’re right, the numbered parameter isn’t exposed through the API. Will adjust this later to include it.

A new field “numbered” will now be added as a boolean, and only shows up if it’s true. This is coming in the next release.