Notion/Coda Integration

I have begun using Coda/Notion for note taking because it is so easy to implement tables, linked tables, timelines, etc. However, the formatting and tools for lists still pale in comparison to dynalist. Sometimes, while I am editing in Coda, I wish I could create a “dynalist block” which creates an embedded window into a document I have in Dynalist, almost like a synced page. I would like to be able to edit my Dynalist from Coda with all the same Dynalist function and features, shortcuts etc. The window in Coda would simple expand and collapse to fit around my Dynalist.

I understand this request might be a feature request for Coda/Notion. However, Coda does allow anyone to create “packs”. I am not sure if this request is compatible but it may be.

NOTE: I also see that there is a post similar to this for the Evernote app.

I don’t know if notion/code can do this, due to “cross-site scripting” protections

Obsidian can do it though, since that app is designed to allow cross-site scripting

You can do an iframe in a .md file <iframe src="" style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; border:none; height:100%;"> or you can do a view in a canvas view to ( i do it that way)