Notification for shared list editing, list Deleted and other

Hi! Your app is really awesome, one of Todo’s best for my preference: pure, minimalist but well thought out. These are my suggestions, some functions or features that I miss:

  1. The possibility to receive a notification (badge app, or by e-mail, or with a distinctive sign) when a shared list is modified, and to know the time (day and time) when an item has been added, deleted or modified

  2. A section (or simply a list) that collects all the items that have been marked as done from the various lists, indicating the day and time when they were checked

  3. An archive (for example a folder Deleted) that collects the lists that are deleted (sometimes by mistake)

  4. The possibility of a sound reminder or notification for an item

  5. The possibility (in the app destktop Win) that, when you minimize the program, it will be integrated in the notification area, and not in the bar.