Note cursor starts too low in newest Firefox

Steps to reproduce

  • Create new item, using Firefox 57
  • Hit Shift-Enter to switch to note area, observe how cursor is too low
  • Start typing, note how cursor jumps back up to correct spot

Expected result

  • Note cursor should be right below note


Firefox 57.0 macOS 10.12.6

Additional information

Additional comments

Seems to be a variant of previous issue 949, but not quite the same thing.

There is also strangeness with the notes, where if you hit Enter at the end of the line, the cursor stays at the end of the line, but as soon as you type more, it now types correctly on the next line and cursor jumps there. Not sure if this is the same issue or not.

I am seeing this too on both Windows and MacOS, with Firefox 57.

I logged the previous issue 949, but while that appears to be fixed, this one looks like a new one.

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@Erica, both of the issues I reported here appear to be fixed. I recommend closing the thread as such.

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Appreciate the follow-up! Closing it :slight_smile:

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