Note caret memory

Hello, I hope this is the right category for a feature request.

First let me just say, I’ve a huge appreciation for Dynalist. It has become the one and only arrow in my productivity quiver, it’s that versatile.

Secondly, the people on this forum are awesome, pouring in constructive criticism as well as giving out helpful tips to workable scripts.

On to the request, would it be possible for the caret to return to where we are editing the note rather than the last line. Switching between notes/bullets can be rather fumbling and breaks the flow.

P.S. Apologies if the format is incorrect.

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I assume, you are referring to switching between bullet and note via the keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter, not the mouse.

I agree that the current behavior can be annoying especially for longer notes and notes that have lots of formatting.

It would definitely be nice if Dynalist remembered the last caret position of a note. But this sounds like a huge overhead of meta-data. And I don’t know how much work it is to implement.

I can’t think of an elegant solution, so my next best idea is to put the caret on the very beginning of a note instead of the end. And maybe offer an option to toggle between those two behaviors.

Yes. While working and navigating with keyboard, switching with Shift+Enter can be annoying in longer notes.

Actually, a toggle in settings like the Move caret to - End/Start of note would be really helpful. As some people have the habit of adding at the top of note rather than at the bottom.

That sounds very helpful.

One debatable point is whether the remembered position should disappear if you move to another item? The simplest and most non error-prone way is to remember the note position and forget it as long as you exit this item, not sure if that would fully satisfy the use cases you guys mentioned though.

Remembering caret position per note basis would be ideal but wouldn’t that also slow things down considering the metadata a note would have to load?

Any additional data will, it just depends on if it’s worth it or not.

Persistently remembering caret position might an overkill, since after leaving a note for 12 hours, I don’t assume you still want to go to the same position or consider that expected.

Navigating away from the bullet document or caching that metadata in local memory would be better than Dynalist remembering and trying to slow down the workflow.

Not sure what you mean, do you mean saving the caret position locally without syncing to Dynalist?

This would still happen even if the caret position is not synced to Dynalist, right?

I am unsure of the terms. Sorry. Essentially, syncing caret positions would be waste. It will be additional data that Dynalist will have to store and load.

If the meta for caret position is being stored locally then loosing it when moving away from the document or a 12hr timeout would be viable. Though it depends on individual preferences.

As an example, some people just leave the tab or app open and hibernate their devices and come back after a few hours or the next day to continue. Same goes for navigating away, some people prefer working by switching around to docs, others open a different instance of the app, or a new tab and work side by side.

You can take a poll or make an option in settings.
Notes Caret time-out: Navigating away / 12 hrs

This might be like a free size kind of a deal but then there might be exceptional people wanting all caret all notes all devices. :rolling_eyes:

You can start a poll if you want, since you’ve having this need I imagine you would describe it better than I do.