Non-default "Select this and ____ item" shortcut only sometimes works

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set the “Select this and ____ item” shortcuts as something other than default.
  2. Place cursor anywhere on a multi-line note.
  3. Use a “Select this and ____ item” shortcut.

Expected result

It selects current item, and additional items on subsequent uses.

Actual result

Depending on where the cursor was, it does nothing.


Windows 10: Happens in both web app (Chrome version 60.0.3112.113) and desktop app (Dynalist 1.0.38).

Additional information

From what I can tell, the way the shortcuts were originally set up to work was like this: The first time you use Shift+:arrow_up: or Shift+:arrow_down:, if you aren’t on the top line or bottom line respectively, it just selects text in that direction, and only select the entire item if you’ve already selected to the top of the line.

For example,
If I start with the cursor in the middle line of the second item below:

Using Shift+:arrow_up: selects to the first line:

Then using Shift+:arrow_up: again selects the entire item:

However, if the shortcut is set to something else (say, Shift+Alt+:arrow_up: in my case), then it only selects the item if the cursor was already on the top line, otherwise it does nothing. It makes sense for it to work this way when the shortcut is set to its default, as it mimics the normal function of other text editors, but when the keyboard shortcut is changed it should simply select the entire item from wherever the cursor is.

That’s weird, will investigate, thanks for the report!

Workaround for now: Ctrl+A twice is a quick way to select the current item.

Update: sorry this cannot be fixed due to the fact that Shift+Up/Down within multiple lines is implemented by the browser, not Dynalist. So if you set the shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Up, for example, the browser default action is not triggered and we cannot trigger it either.

Basically the shortcut you customized is only for cross-item multiple selection, not inline. I hope that’s understandable!

In that case could you implement an optional shortcut to select the current item? As a heavy keyboard user this would be very useful to me.

Have you thought of pressing Up until you get to the first line and then start using Shift+Up? It requires the same amount of keypresses.

“Select the current item”, sure, we can consider that. Please use Ctrl+A twice as a workaround for now, sorry!