No automatic sorting?

Like in Evernote, I prefer that I always see the newest edited notes at the very top of the list. The same feature exist in Dynalist → “Edited (New to old)”, however it kills my workflow totally that I have to update “Edited (New to old)” manually and often I forget to do so.

Please tell me there is an option that sorts “Edited (New to old)” automatically like in Evernote? :pray:t3:

Thank you in advance, and all the best!

There’s no option to always keep it that way, unfortunately.

The closest alternative I can think of is if you have a flat search, you can specify the sort there. So inside the search result view (which is read-only), you see the right order, but when you edit things they won’t jump around because their edited timestamp has changed.

Hi, are we able to do it now, nearly 3 years later?
I’d like to have a weekly document in which the 7 days AUTOMATICALLY repeat & sort themselves (newest first). Thanks

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