No auto scroll when highlighting text

I would call this a bug. If I am using the keyboard to highlight text by holding control and hitting the down arrow, it annoyingly does not move the page down, and instead lets the cursor go off the bottom of the screen where you can no longer see what you are highlighting.

Hi John,

Do you mean holding Shift instead of Ctrl? Shift would select text when pressed with the arrow keys, not Ctrl though.

Ahhh yes, sorry I meant shift.

No worries, was just trying to repro the issue.

One more question: you are referring to using Shift to select multiple items, is that correct? When people say “text” they could mean different things. I tested with using Shift to select multiple lines of text (within the same note) and the auto-scroll seems to work fine.


Text within item:

Thanks in advance!

Items. I don’t have big notes so I don’t know about scrolling with them, I keep forgetting how to do them… :slight_smile:

Got it! Thanks for the clarification.

I’ll post updates here when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

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