New Themes

I am not a huge fan of the existing themes. Is it possible to add other color schemes so that the format is a little more customizable to be more aesthetically pleasing?


It seems it is planned eventually to allow users to define custom CSS (just as checkvist has), and this would then allow for new themes by the community.

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The official themes are of all minimalist style to prevent the theme from being distracting, but I definitely understand that some people have different preferences.

And yeah, what @Chris_Kunicki said. Soon custom CSS will be available.

You can also use user style on the web app. Here are some user styles that people have created for Dynalist:

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Would you be able to update colours for each entry depending on tags assigned using a custom CSS? I find this very useful to quickly see #todo items or #done items or special sections using other custom tags…

Yes you can. “#tag” will have a “title” attribute called “Filter #tag”. You can pinpoint them with custom CSS.

Yes, current themes other than Default are not great. Workflowy’s “wood” theme is a really nice/pleasant backdrop to work in. Offering better themes is a no-brainer!

I’m personally not a fan of their “wood” theme but you can definitely mimic that with custom CSS.

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:joy: who said Skeuomorphism is dead!

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