New Pro feature: item finder


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Been waiting for this one. Thank you!


this is awesome! it’s working really quickly based on my initial tests.


Just one quick question. Should it take two presses of the esc key to quit the query?


No, it shouldn’t :scream:

It only takes 1 Esc when I tested it though.

I see you liked @pottster’s comment, @Alex_Pasternak. Did you run into the same issue?


Ok, now resolved. It’s a conflict with the Vimium Chrome Extension. Disabling the esc key on the Dynalist domain in Vimium fixes. By the way, Vimium allows for super fast keyboard navigation in Dynalist :wink:


I see!

Were you using Esc for anything in Dynalist with the help of Vimium?


It’s more that Dynalist and Vimium both use Esc to remove focus from queries/edits. On further testing it appears that I can’t just disable the Esc key in Vimium to resolve, I’d have to disable Vimium for Dynalist. Don’t want to do that so I’ll take the small hit of having to press Esc twice. If you’re a keyboard junkie, install Vimium press f and see the magic! Lots to Vimium besides that of course.


Coincidentally, discovered another Chrome Extension which had hijacked a Dynalist keyboard shortcut today. It’s worth users checking the Chrome Extensions page at the bottom - there is a link to which extensions are using which shortcuts.


I didn’t know that, very useful!

And yeah, there’s always a war between web apps and extensions for keyboard shortcuts :wink: