New paragraph in an entry (as opposed to a new list item)

Is there a way to create a new paragraph in an entry as opposed to a new list item?
(i.e. like hitting return in a normal word processor )

(I generally use the notes feature instead for this)

Superb application, by the way! :slight_smile:

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Use Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead!

It’s in the Shortcuts & Formatting Help section, but it can be a little hard to find.


Thank you!

Still can’t find it in the shortcuts, but it doesn’t matter, as this works perfectly.

Thanks again!


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Sorry you’re right, it’s not in that section, sorry for assuming that!

Will add :slight_smile:

Thanks, Erica.

Also, do you know how this works on the android app?

It should, but there’s not Ctrl and Shift key on Android, unless you use an external keyboard.

Maybe a good idea would be to long-press enter in Android to make a new line.

Odd. Ctrl Shft Enter does not work on my mac. But Alt Shft ENTER does. I have not made changes there as I just learned of this keystroke combo!

I don’t know if that’s possible to detect that you’ve long-pressed a key in the soft keyboard, but if it can be done, that’s a good idea.

That’s really weird. Are you sure you’ve never overridden it in the keymap settings?

This key command is working as advertised this morning. Dunno. Wish it WAS customizable as I have been adopting CMD CTRL x as a common pattern in DL as far as possible.

CTRL J to search within Document
Cmd Ctrl U and I move up or down within a document
Cmd Ctrl UP-ARROW to toggle expand/collapse
Cmd Ctrl M to Move or [ [
Cmd Ctrl K toggle booKmarks pane
Cmd Ctrl L toggle fiLe pane
Cmd Ctrl 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 0 for COLORS
Cmd Alt 1, 2, 3 for Header FORMATTING