New Feature: Insert Template


It also means I can massively reduce the number of bookmarks I have that were there as templates lol.

Thanks team :slight_smile:

P.S. Looking forward to it on the desktop app :stuck_out_tongue:

There was some way to achieve that, the example below is just for your reference, everything with " " means its personal preference.

  1. Create Document:
  • name it “T_Meeting Minute”
  1. Setting Shortcut:
  • Setting > Keymap > Working with lists > Insert Template > “alt + T”
  1. Paste/Insert your template at your desired document:
  • press “alt + T” > type “t_m” > Enter
  1. Done


  1. name it start with “T_”, “T” = template; “_” = unusual syntax
  • the result is you will very fast find your template without confusion.
  1. “alt + T”, you can make it what you prefer.
  2. After done, “T_Meeting Template” will create with your template as a node, next time you input the template, this will count into it. *it will show not because is a real template, just because the same name as well. So take delete the node “T_Meeting Template” after you inserted it.
    My way to make it clean
  • Select your first node (please exclude “T_Meeting Template”) node. Then press “ctrl + A” 3times, “ctrl + X” cut it.
  • Select node “T_Meeting Template” text. Then, “ctrl + V” paste it.

Hope this helps you if any mistake please advise it. Thanks

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@Weedon Template functionality has been added since this post was created in case you’ve not seen it! :heart_eyes:

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Fantastic. But do you know how to create a template? I find everywhere but can’t make it. Thanks a lot.

All bullets in your document are templates. Click insert template and choose one. It will paste it in.


Wow, simple and powerful. Thanks BigChungus

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Very well explained.