New customizable shortcuts

The new shortcuts includes

  • Go to parent item
  • Go to previous sibling
  • Go to next sibling
  • Duplicate current item

See more here:

To suggest more custom shortcuts go to What actions would you like to have a custom shortcut for?


Woop, great work, Thank you! :slight_smile:

A massive thumbs up for implementing a keyboard shortcut prev/next sibling aka zoom in prev/next item. Sorry I just only now stumbled across it ā€“ wish Iā€™d seen it earlier. I can finally use Dynalist as PowerPoint replacement by going from one ā€˜slideā€™ to the next :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work! :smiley:

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Ohhh missed this, nice! Can do it on mobile now too then if you have a ctrl key :slight_smile:

Edit: Ohh yea we do already have this, which you also said :roll_eyes: