Never previously made account, charged multiple times

My credit card has been charged by Dynalist, and to the very best of my recollection I have never signed up for nor even heard of this service. I made this account strictly to create this request, about five minutes ago. Frankly, it’s ridiculous that you have to use a web forum for support, you should have a way to talk directly to a real human from your site without having to make an account or fuck around with asynchronous bullshit like a forum, but at the very least it should be possible to submit a support ticket for securiuty sensitive information without having to make this kind of information public on something that’s publically searchable on web.

If there is a way to open a ticket, you should have that information displayed much more prominently.

I’m just a rando sharing public info, but do you happen to use Obsidian?

Obsidian is made by a company whose legal name is Dynalist Inc. So all payments to Obsidian go to Dynalist Inc. Credit card statements may say OBSIDIAN.MD or DYNALIST INC or DYNALIST.IO or whatever friendly name the credit card company decided to put in lieu of the legal name of the merchant. It’s one company tho. You can ask on the Obsidian forum what folks credit card line items look like.

If you’ve never heard of Obsidian then call your credit card and tell them it’s been stolen. If someone bought something with your stolen credit card, you wouldn’t go to every store they bought stuff from right?

Thank you for the quick reply!