Nested sharing

Hi, I’m trying to understand how sharing of documents work in Dynalist. Looking at this page…

…can someone explain to me what this means?

Note that Dynalist does not support nested sharing, which means that if file A is shared, you cannot share any file that contains file A or is inside file A.”

I am looking for a place where I can collaborate on an entire document with someone else. Can Dynalist do this?


That sentence isn’t worded well. It looks like it was taken from the wikipedia article of nested sharing, as a general concept.

It’s just common sense permissions stuff, nothing interesting.

It means if you make Folder A, containing Document A and Document B, and then click Manage Sharing on Document B, and let Fred have edit permission, then if you right click Folder A you will no longer see the Manage Sharing option. This is because you already shared something inside of it. You need to unshare everything, then the folder will have a Manage Sharing option which allows you to share the whole folder instead.

collaborate on an entire document with someone else

Yes, Dynalist is great for that.