Navigating directly to a search is very slow or doesn't work

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to Home - Dynalist in chrome

Expected result

page loads

Actual result

Sometimes the page loads after a minute or two. Sometimes it never completely loads. Instead, I see this:

Maybe it’s actually done the search, but the “wait” icon just keeps going? In that case the bug is that the loading infinity icon doesn’t go away when it should.


Chrome, Windows 10

Additional information

I was in the habit of having a Chrome extension automatically pop up a list of everything due today, but that’s now not really possible because the list simply doesn’t load. If I first go to dynalist, then search “within: today” , it works better (although the web is still very slow compared to the desktop app).

Additional comments

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Here is my bug report:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open your workspace
  2. Run a global search for ‘foo’. Results load quickly.
  3. Copy the URL, e.g.
  4. Go to URL from a new tab
  5. The document is stuck on a spinning wheel, not loading the search results for long time.

Expected result

See the search results in step 5.

Actual result

The infinity wheel is spinning for more than a minute before showing results, while normal search give instant results.


Which operating system are you using? Ubuntu Linux.
Which browser are you using? Firefox 68.2.
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? n/a
Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack? No.

Just to clarify what use cases this supports:

  • Chrome/other browsers custom search of my dynalist could use that, making workflow blazing fast.
  • Many people use Vimium - this will allow to add a custom search to it as well!
  • Bookmarking in your browser would also be useful for some.

So when you open a new tab, not all of your documents load instantly. Instead they’re gradually loaded a few at a time. This helps spread out server load, and also avoids making the app laggy or stutter because it’s loading all those document in the background.

In the case of global search, which depends on all documents being loaded, that would mean you’ll have to wait for a time proportional to the amount of documents in your Dynalist.

I can imagine making global search scan partially, only on the currently loaded documents, while showing a spinner for more items to be loaded? It’d take some time to be fixed but I’d say that could improve the experience a bit.