Navigating between siblings when zoomed

I came across the “go to next/previous sibling” optional keyboard shortcuts, and thought I was going to be able to do what I want, but it doesn’t quite work.

I have opt-down and opt-up set to those shortcuts, and they work when I’m in a list view like below;

Pressing my opt-down key combo will skip from indent 2 to indent 3.

What I’m looking for, is the ability that when I’m zoomed in on e.g. indent 1, if I press that same key combo, I should navigate immediately to indent 2 (and show the two more indent items below it), and if i press it again, I should navigate to indent 3.

Is that possible somehow already? If not, could it be? :slight_smile:

Hi Beau,

It sounds like you might be looking for Zoom Prev / Zoom Next. If you were zoomed into “indent 1” in your example, Zoom Next would zoom into “indent 2” and show you the “more indent” items underneath it. On my Linux machine using the web app, the shortcuts for Zoom Prev and Next are Ctrl-Shift-[ and Ctrl-Shift-] .

You can customize the shortcuts in Settings:

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You’re absolutely right! Amazing, that’s perfect, thank you!

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