My Google account has changed, how can I link to the new one?


Just over a month ago I had to delete my old Google account and open a new one. I’ve since changed the login email for Dynalist but the Google account it sticks to for everything else (i.e., Drive, Calendar, etc.) no longer exists. Is it possible to change the Google account to which I’ll link Dynalist, and if so, how?



Hi @Tim_Beyers,

Sorry for the late reply!

We don’t have unlink Google built into the UI, but we can do it manually for you. Added it to our todo list though!

Do you want us to delete the link to your existing Google account right now?

I will definitely need this facility in the near future as well.

Hi @Erica,

Yes, that would be helpful — I think.

Here’s the thing. I’ve changed my email (good) and I have Dynalist linking to the new Google Calendar (also good). But under the Account tab in Settings, it’s still showing a link to the old account. Does that matter? If it does, then by all means please do delete it.



Have you refreshed the page or reloaded the app? That part in Account - Settings doesn’t update itself periodically.