My Dynalist setup :)


I’ve been working on a setting up Dynalist for the past few days and after some trial and error I ended up with THIS.

It might seem overwhelming, but I think it’s quite simple. I treat this as my homepage, dashboard, operations center, productivity hub… Whatever you want to call it. It has everything I need to plan and document my life. I always hated the idea of using different tools for different aspects of my life. But with Dynalist I quickly found out I don’t have to do that anymore. I should add that I use my Google Calendar just to see my tasks/schedule on a timeline. I have an extension in Chrome that allows me to open my calendar while in Dynalist, so I use this as ‘calendar view’ since Dynalist itself doesn’t have that feature.

There’s kinda lot going on here but if you want to see the rest of my system I’d be happy to share more. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!


Thanks for sharing - always interesting to see other setups.

Could you let me know the name of the Chrome extension you’re using to open your calendar?



Very cool! I like what you’ve done here.

I also use a Dynalist doc as my dashboard. I’ve found as my outline grew that it made sense for me to move my “Reference” and “Archive” sections out into separate documents.


No problem! It’s Checker Plus for Google Calendar.


Thanks! I might actually move reference and archive too. It makes sense to have them separate from my GTD setup. Thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:


Thanks Alem :+1:


I’m curious to know that the priority exclamation marks are linked to.


They are linked to highlighted items (red, orange, yellow, blue).


How does the Next 7 Days link work?


Hi Alan!

It’s ‘-within:0d within:7d’. I applied the search across all docs, copied the link and linked it on my main page. It always shows me whatever is scheduled in the next 7 days excluding today (-within:0d).


Okay I get it. I copy a search page’s url, paste it in, and then edit the link description.


Only for me, this shows up as image

It’s a bit different looking from yours.


Yup that’s exactly what I did. I have no idea why it looks different for me.