My brain in 6MB

Thank you! I feel good to showcase my Dynalist system. Others will have bigger and better setups. Please share those too!

The OPML export is 6.4MB, plain text is 4.6MB. 61,620 lines, 626,584 words. It includes:

  • Journaling since 2011 from Evernote days
  • Calendar (schedule) and GTD notes since 2014 with Workflowy
  • #profile for anyone noteworthy
  • All of my bookmarks
    (zero need for another bookmark manager)
  • Google Drive document links
    (Dynalist should integrate with Google Drive!)
  • a year of college and drafting papers
  • a few favorite short stories
  • some lists copied and revised quite a few times
    (I should pair those down)
  • zero styling or scripting. Just text and urls.
  • etc.

I still prefer paper for some things, such as The Pomodoro Technique. Those I photograph to my HD.

All of this will be important when I transfer to silicon.


Would you care to expand on how you use this for task and project management?

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I practice Getting Things Done (GTD) by Dave Allen. GTD is a methodology for capturing and organizing your ideas into a system you trust, so that you free your mind to think creatively and to know what matters most right now. “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” Allen’s book explains how to do it with classic office supplies. But any outliner such as Dynalist can work just as well, with added benefits of portability, search, cloud backup, etc.

I also practice The Pomodoro Technique using paper. This methodology is about taking action. It took me years to realize that GTD is about managing tasks, not acting on them. Both methodologies have helped me a lot.

When I am at home, I look to my calendar and actions list for something to do. When I am away from home, I look to my “out” actions list for extra errands I can get done. Sometimes when I don’t know how to approach a problem, I’ll study, journal, or brainstorm in Pomodoro sessions.