Multiple Tag Search

Forgive me if this is already out there. I would like to search by selecting multiple tags, essentially using a Boolean search AND function.

Ex. If I am building a new building and sharing cost with another company, I may want to see things that are both shared cost and building materials. I would select both, #shared and #materials. Only the items that were tagged with both tags would show up.


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AND is already the default behavior, or you can explicitly use the OR operator in the search box.

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Thanks Sam. I had a hunch I was asking for something already there.

Can I select multiple items in the tag pane? I have not been able to do that.

Or…do you just use the search window? (Which is sufficient)


It appears that you cannot select multiple items in the tag pane. That would be a good feature. One thing I do: set up a a mini “tag cloud” in the note for a heading. For example

With this in place I CAN click on multiple tags (e.g. @active, @now) to get the desired result.

Perfect. Thanks Sam! --Ray

Hmm, true, that would be nice. Clicking on tags in the tag pane would behave exactly like how clicking on them works inside a document :slight_smile: