Multiple Instances

It would be great to be able to open multiple instances of the desktop app, so I can rezise the windows and view two documents side by side.
Praise to the Dynamlist team by the way, great program!


I agree. The desktop app is virtually unusable for me without this functionality.


Another vote for this … it would a very welcome addition.

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Another vote for this! Now I use a browser window when I want to look at 2 documents next to eachother…

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I use Linux, Manjaro, and have just installed the desktop app, but without being able to open more than one instance it is of very limited use.

I find is very disappointing that this restriction has deliberately been put in place, for as I can make out no reason.

Of course I can use the browser version to have multiple instances but that is wasteful of resources and screen real estate.

Please just fix.