Multiple google Calendars

Hello there,
I use a lot the google calendar synchronisation, it’s a nice method to get a "Calendar view’.
Using Dynalist for more and more activities, I’m now to the point where the Single calendar constraint becomes limiting.

Indeed I’m using different calendars for different purpose, and shared with different people (For practical reason as well as confidential reasons).

I created a dedicated “Dynalist Calendar” in my Google account which I share, but It would be very helpful for me to assign different calendar to date items.

I have two ideas in mind, (which, as pre-requisite, require to have the possibility to pre-registered different calendar in the setting menu):

  1. Flexibility to assign different calendar per document, in the context menu when right clicking on the document, close to the “Turn off Google Calendar sync” (or included with it in a new “Google Calendar Sync Option” sub option window)

  2. Higher level of flexibility : Per date Calendar assignment in a context menu when right clicking on the date, showing a drop down menu, this would allow also to select No Sync per date.

(or maybe both)

This would Significantly enlarge the spectrum of usage of Dynalist (at list for what I have in mind)…

Is it realistic, Feasible, desirable, redundant?



It’s realistic, but we need to carefully think about how to design it so that it’s not in the way of people who don’t use multiple calendars. I imagine that would be most non-power users.

For now I prefer 1) since I think it provides enough flexible without adding too much complexity. The date picker pops up a lot, and we really don’t want to bloat that.

Searching for the same, further to this could simply on right-click of doc “GCal sync settings” (green tick = synced to existing Cal).

Clicking opens window showing the already selected (default) Cal, which you can turn off or change to a new Cal.

Request to generate iCal links automatically.
ICal links apply to any device and network environment, and although Google calendar can create iCal links, I can’t connect to Google servers!

Really, REALLY, hoping some variant of multiple calendar integration can be done. I’d be happy with one calendar per document.

At this point, I’ll take any implementation of multiple calendar integration I can get…

I second that. I also disagree that having multiple google accounts is indicative of being a power user. Anyone who has a private and a work gmail account will need this.

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I also think having the capability to sync Dynalist items to multiple Google Calendars can be very useful and practical. For instance, it may be desired that one calendar for ordinary calendar events, i.e. those have a certain duration of time/days, and one as a simple reminder (like Google Reminder).

As the number of tasks increases in Dynalist Next Actions and certain tasks may need to have a reminder, the second calendar, i.e. a Reminder Calendar, can be very useful. Before having this thought, I was thinking about how to sync Dynalist tasks to some task management tools like Todoist. However, I realize that it can be non-trivial (for an average Dynalist user) to achieve this by using the Dynalist API, as discussed in the following post:

Therefore, being able to sync Dynalist items to multiple calendars can be a solution for this use case.

A possible workaround not to complicate things for users that do not need multiple calendar can be the following:

  1. Select the desired calendars (one or several) to sync in Dynalist
  2. Set the default calendar to sync in Dynalist
  3. For users that only have one calendar, the date picker would choose the default calendar and the syntax would not change.
  4. For users that want to sync the event to a calendar other than the default one, the date picker can be a little different, e.g. with an addition option/parameter to select the desired calendar.

Searching for this improvement also. Would love to see it implemented!

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I too would love to see multiple calendars integrated. I have documents for work (needs to synch to work cal) personal (needs to sync to my cal) and household (needs to sync with a family cal) and right now I have to choose just one of those options (so, do I let my colleagues see that my electric bill needs paying? Let my teenager see that I’m due to book a pap smear? or fail to notify my husband about an appointment? decisions decisions!)

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I second that. While fully understanding why the developer team concentrates on Obsidian and wants to avoid any bloat in Dynalist, the support of multiple Google Calendars would be a very practical improvement.

I think this is a job for IFTTT and the like. While it’s work you have to do, I expect it’s possible to set up so when calendar 1 gets an item from dynalist with a certain text e.g. #work, then IFTTT posts that to calendar 2.

Which is to suggest calendar 1 is private to you, and calendar 2 (and 3 and 4) get filled by an automation relaying things.