Multiple files open in tabs corrupts content

Steps to reproduce

Create 2 files in dynalist with separate content.
Open each in a separate tab in the web browser

Expected result

Document contents should be distinct.

Actual result

At first documents are distinct, but after some time editing each document, document 2 is mix of it’s original content, and unrelated content from document 1.
I can scroll up past the start of document 2 and start to see document 1.


Windows 10, Chrome browser.

Can’t repro, and it’d be a pretty serious bug if it’s true.

Could you try to quantify how long is “after some time editing each document”? That way I can try to test. If it’s like an hour it’s harder for us to test. And does it happen with all tabs or just some files? These information would all help us debug this. Thanks in advance!

“Some time” is a bit vague isn’t it? It happened to me just now within 30 minutes.
I was flipping between tabs, updating each document.

I should add that document 2 gave the appearance that I could not only see document 1, but edit it too.
I could add new lines, but they didn’t get a bullet.
When checking document 1, no changes were actually made.

Hitting F5/refresh on document 2 restores it to normal - eliminating any trace of document 1, so it feels like a caching issue.

I’ve hit this problem multiple times over the last month.
Let me know if there is anything specific you want me to capture if I hit it again.

Screenshots would really help. I’m quite confused right now.

So you can see two documents on the same tag, is that correct? Both with their own titles and breadscrumbs?

Document 1 was in it’s own tab, and it behaved normally at all times.

Document 2 was in another tab.
It’s title remained that of document 2, but it’s content was a mix of both document 1 and document 2.

I didn’t capture a screenshot unfortunately before I hit f5, but it appeared like this:

Doc 2
doc 1 content
doc 2 content

I’ll grab a screenshot if/when this occurs next time.

I see, thanks for the extra information, very helpful!

A few more quick follow-up questions, if I may:

  1. Were document 1 and 2 created normally? Methods that are not “normal” would be converted from a node or copied from another document (right click and click “Make a copy”), or imported via OPML.
  2. Has this only happened with document 2? If that’s the case, maybe there’s something corrupted in it somehow. If you don’t mind emailing (or posting here if you feel comfortable) the name of that document, we might be able to get some insight.

Thanks in advance!

Note: Peter has contacted us via email, so closing this ticket here for now.