Multi-user accounts/spaces


I’ve been using Dynalist for a while for my personal notes and things to remember, but now I want to use it for research note taking as well.

But, I don’t want to add my research notes to the same place as my regular, personal notes.
I could use another email address and make a new account just for my research notes, but I would rather use the same main email that I use for my Dynalist account already.

So would it be possible to add separate user spaces, where you can choose to switch between a “Personal” and “Work” space on your account, where each space would have entirely separate lists.


Is using folders and documents not a good way to keep these lists separated?


Possibly, but it wouldn’t be as nice. I have a whole bunch of lists and folders that I use for my personal stuff already, so I’d have to just make two parent folders for personal vs work. So that would be fine.

It would just provide better separation symbolically if I had entire separate spaces where I don’t even see all the documents from my personal space while I’m in the work space and vice versa. If I’m in the work space, seeing only my work documents would provide much better flow.

But definitely workable with making two separate parent folders.


Work and Personal are always my top level outline/folder items.