Multi-user accounts/spaces

I’ve been using Dynalist for a while for my personal notes and things to remember, but now I want to use it for research note taking as well.

But, I don’t want to add my research notes to the same place as my regular, personal notes.
I could use another email address and make a new account just for my research notes, but I would rather use the same main email that I use for my Dynalist account already.

So would it be possible to add separate user spaces, where you can choose to switch between a “Personal” and “Work” space on your account, where each space would have entirely separate lists.


Is using folders and documents not a good way to keep these lists separated?

Possibly, but it wouldn’t be as nice. I have a whole bunch of lists and folders that I use for my personal stuff already, so I’d have to just make two parent folders for personal vs work. So that would be fine.

It would just provide better separation symbolically if I had entire separate spaces where I don’t even see all the documents from my personal space while I’m in the work space and vice versa. If I’m in the work space, seeing only my work documents would provide much better flow.

But definitely workable with making two separate parent folders.

Work and Personal are always my top level outline/folder items.

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+1 for this feature—especially in the context of personal vs. work.

If I’m searching for work things, I don’t want tags and/or content from personal to be returned in the search. It confuses things.


Interested to hear how others manage this! I’m considering a second Dynalist account lol.

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I definitely agree with this. This should actually be a core feature of any outliner.

I think you can actually manage to keep your private item and Work Item in a different List File (on the left panel in Dynalist). You can also make a specific search in any different list File. This is fine.

But for the moment Dynalist only allow to set 1 INBOX location…

So I don’t want to see in my INBOX my grocery list aside my buisness-related todos.

To me it seems like common sense, and 1000x more important than any other fancy feature like e-mail integration of drop-box connection stuff.

So I have posted feature request called " [Multiple INBOX for multiple list File (like WORK INBOX / PRIVATE INBOX)] , and I invite you to vote for it here :

Multiple INBOX for multiple list File (like WORK INBOX / PRIVATE INBOX)

Bye !


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i was hoping this would a feature. at the moment i just have a “work” document and that hasnt been an issue since ive been keeping it to myself. but want to share it now and i have so much personal stuff in my dynalist that i would be wary of doing that.

with sharing links, im not sure i could 100% trust that my private notes will stay private. no offence to the Dynalist developers but ive heard too many horror stories about XYZ service making certain things public by accident. these things just happen and whats worse is you might not know its happened until its too late.

for times when i just want to share in person, like having Dynalist open on my laptop at a meeting, if the sidebar is open or i forget to collapse my personal folder, then people will see all the titles of my other non-work documents, or if searching for something then results from personal notes could easily show up.

i think for sharing links i would nearly rather make a separate account and then just have a quick way to switch between them. that way you could have more of a guarantee that your personal and work notes wont get mixed up by some random bug in the code.

for sharing in person, just having a separate work space on the same account would be enough.

thats my use case anyway just for the record!

Also, doing like this, means you still have only 1 Inbox. So you keep adding ideas / todos to your unique Inbox, regardless of if the stuffs are private life of work life related…

keeping displaying private / work stuff mixed on the same screen is disturbing …

There are other posts related to this concept. There is a definite need for isolated spaces where the tag cloud and search results can be limited and independent of the other spaces. This is also great for scalability and archiving off less active stuff.

I begrudgingly paid for a second Dynalist account. One for work. One for home.

I hope a smarter way of separating the two comes in the future! :sob:

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I have had exactly the same request and am about to also (begrudgingly) pay for a second account. One for work, one for home. I entered another similar request for this feature. I know they are just a very small crew, but would hope this would make its way to the top of the job queue!