Multi-line code block with ` sign inside


Maybe its just personal problem, but I suffer from not be able to paste some shell code with backticks inside multi-line code block sign (triple backticks). To mention, here it works nicely.

Expected result

kill `ps -ef | grep irssi | grep -v grep | awk ?{print $2}?`

Actual result


Mac, Dynalist 1.1.3

Additional comments

When I use multi-line code block with long lines inside, it adds visually empty lines at the begging and the end of block. Is there any purpose for that behaviour?

After removing long line:

P.S. Are you going to add code colour selection in Font options? Because pinky red looks a little distractive, wondering for blue one at least.

No, it’s just a symptom of multi-line code blocks not being officially supported.

Not in the near future, unfortunately :frowning:

It can be easily fixed with a user style for your own preference though.