Moving the Google Drive folder

Hello. I’d like to know whether it’s possible to move the Dynalist folder from my Google Drive to a Google Drive subfolder? When I manually moved this folder, a new Dynalist folder was created as a primary folder the next day with my newest backup. I’m asking because I like to keep my list of primary folders minimal.

Thanks very much! I’m enjoying using Dynalist and have been telling many about it! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Brian_Rossiter, unfortunately that’s not possible right now, as the path to backup is hardcoded right now. Unlike Dropbox, Google Drive doesn’t have an “App” folder that keeps all the third party stuff :frowning:

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Thank you kindly, Erica, for your response!

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I know this is an old question, but I’ve got the exact same one so I figure better to keep the discussion in the one place.

I’ve got a Backups folder in my GDrive where I would like to put my Dynalist backups. To keep everything neat and clean.

I guess this Help request needs to become a Feature request?


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this is precisely the reason I don’t rely googledrive for automatic backups, it gets so messy without having a dedicated subfolder path


@Shida: I guess the workaround would be to have an option that specifies the subpath?

The thing with Google Drive is that they have a REALLY shitty API for accessing files and folders.

With Dropbox, for example, you can say upload to APPFOLDER + ‘/Backups/’.

With google drive, there’s no app folder, but that’s not the worst part. The worst is that if you want to upload to say ‘/Dynalist/Backups/’, you need to:

  • Query the root folder for ‘Dynalist’ Folder
  • If that doesn’t exist, create it, and get a folder id of the Dynalist folder
  • Query the ‘Dynalist’ folder for the ‘Backups’ folder
  • If that doesn’t exist, create it, and get a folder id for that
  • Create file under the ‘Backups’ folder.

Now, as you can see, if you have an arbitrary folder ‘/a/b/c/d/e/f/g/’, this step will be very long and very slow (because each step is a remote API call to one of Google’s servers)

One alternative I can think of, is to allow the user to specify a ‘folder id’ to drop backups in. The user will have to somehow get it from google drive, but then once that’s saved into Dynalist, we’ll try to upload files in that folder first. The advantage is that the user can move the folder anywhere even after saving the setting into Dynalist, and backups will still work. The downside is that if the folder is deleted, or anything happens to it, backups will stop rolling.

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I hate Google :frowning:

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I suspected the google drive API was bad based on all the ancedotal evidence I’ve seen with people integrating into googledrive, but now you confirmed it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Google Calendar API is not better. There’s a weird restriction that deleted events can’t be un-deleted, and item IDs must be unique, so we’re forced to kinda ‘save’ an id for each item’s date, and make sure to change it if the user ever deletes a date and re-adds it.

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I’d really like to move the folder. I know it’s possible as I’ve moved the folders from other programs/services and they still work fine. Examples include Google services like Maps or Play Books, or web apps like FileThis, or Join. I’m not a programmer, but I’ve tried a little Google Scripting and it seems you can just do a driveapp.searchFolders to find the folder. Help!

Hi, thanks for the reply!

Have you looked at this reply, by any chance?

Also @Shida can you please take another look and see if it’s possible?

Yea, saw that, and it sounds about right, but just because it isn’t as ‘nice’ as another API doesn’t mean it isn’t worth using. I believe DropBox is probably more path based by nature and Google Drive is more search based by nature, so of course in Drive you’ll need to search for what you want, even in the API. Maybe it takes a few more lines of code, but isn’t it worth it to have a more elegant feature that works the way the customers want?

I’m not the one who worked on the Google Drive sync, so I’ll leave it to @Shida to decide whether it’s possible. The feasibility of that not only depend on if Google Drive API allows it, it also depends on how the Dynalist system works. From my impression it was next to impossible, and that’s why we didn’t proceed with the plan. It wasn’t “something that takes a few more lines of code”, otherwise we’d have done it already.

Thanks for providing the new information, we’ll have to evaluate it again. Thanks.

I believe that for now, our system doesn’t store any information about your specific Google Drive account.

What we could do is to always search for a dynalist folder. If it exists, backups will be saved there, and otherwise we will create one at the root of the drive.

Hmm, okay. Or at least for new users, we can save the folder id of the Dynalist backup folder? Is that possible?

We don’t store anything from google drive, which is why we previously had to check for the folder’s existence every time. Search should be able to solve most of the problem though, as long as the folder isn’t renamed backups should go there just fine.

[Edited: Oops, I see this was already suggested above. Sorry! But +1 on the idea!]

Would you be open to allowing the user to specify the parent folder via url, e.g.,
and create/populate the dynalist folder under that location? (I’m assuming that’s the API-appropriate folder ID in the URL but could be totally off base here.)

I guess this might introduce the need for some additional error handling modes if that folder does not exist.

Just saw this was implemented. Wow, that was fast! Thanks!!


Please let us know if there’s any issues with moving it. Thanks in advance!