Moving items to other documents in the sidebar with the mouse?

Is it not possible to move one or more items with drag and drop from one document to another document in the sidebar?

In the new version of Dynalist (only available on web right now), you can do that.

Just drag and drop the item onto a document (in the left pane) and make sure the document header turns blue.

It doesn’t work for multiple items right now though, sorry about that.


Thanks @Erika. I ever tried it with multiple items. This is a great enhencement for mouse user. Another idea: When I am mouse over the document name, the name changes to blue, it would be great if the document opens and I can move my item to the exact position.

For dropping at an exact location I would recommend select all the items you want, cutting them, and pasting them in the new position. This would be even more efficient than dragging in some cases (long documents for example). When you’re not holding down the mouse you can also do more things, like searching for a keyword in the destination document.

I hope that helps!