Moving items into neighbouring hierarchy

Having “lived” in Workflowy for a number of years, I’m enjoying the similar keyboard actions in Dynalist, but with a couple of exceptions.

At the beginning of the day, I move task items up from specific day hierarchies into “Today”. I used to be able to do that in Workflowy simply by SHIFT-ALT-UP, which would retain the same level, but move into the next hierarchy. Now I have to do SHIFT-INDENT, SHIFT-ALT-UP (I’ve customised it to the WF shortcut), then INDENT. I have to make three strokes instead of one. I prefer this to dragging with the mouse, which can be hit and miss. It feels quite awkward. Have I missed anything?

Also, when searching by tag, it was possible in Workflowy to ALT-CLICK a tag in the search results to remove it. But in Dynalist this then opens up that link in edit mode, so you need to change focus, ALT-CLICK the tag, then return to the search listing.

Nonetheless, I’m very impressed with the improvements that Dynalist has made to Workflowy and the way you share the development here and in Trello. Dividing the database into documents is certainly a revelation. Workflowy was innovative in its time, but it’s been asleep for a couple of years now. I hope that those who’ve filled the gap with great extensions like rawbytz move over to Dynalist. It would be wonderful to have a Dynalist version of his Workfindy, not to mention Android apps like Handyflowy and Memoflowy for Dynalist.

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See here for a discussion on your first point and a macro to automate the shift between parents

Thanks Stephen. When in doubt, trust Phrase Express!

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