Moving item between windows?



Is there a way to drag items between windows? I’m trying to reorganise a big document into another one, and Ctrl+Shift+M isnt precise enough, as there are lots of headings in the new document that are the same. Is there maybe another way to do it?


Yes, that would be great… this is so obvious… how can we make this work ?


Unfortunately that would depend on the Split screen feature to work.

I agree it’s obvious but it’s not easy. Two browser windows don’t really talk to each other, so window A can’t just tell B that I’m gonna take this item and you can delete it on your side.

Maybe post a bug report if you think the result results can be improved?


The results are generally fine! Basically what I was trying to do was move things under headings of the same name, e.g:

  • Item1
    • Heading1
    • Heading2
  • Item2
    • Heading1
    • Heading2

etc. Dunno if there’s an easier way to do this? I just ended up writing a script to merge them xD Unfortunately, the completed items status doesnt get copied to plaintext…


If “item1 > heading1” syntax is supported in the future, this will be much easier. For now, there’s no easy way to do this, unfortunately :frowning: