Moving a bullet to a new doc breaks its bookmark

Steps to reproduce

Bookmark a list. It shows on your bookmark list. Move the bookmarked list to a different document. Click the bookmark.

Expected result

Clicking the bookmark should take me to the list I bookmared.

Actual result

I get taken to the parent list, where the bookmark used to be (but no longer is)


Mac OS Mojave. Chrome browser.

Additional information

I think moving the bookmarked bullet somewhere else within the same doc works as expected. This bug seems to just happen when moving it to a new doc.

Additional comments

I’ve complained about this a few times but I guess it’s by design and not a bug. It’s so easy to reorganize between docs and bullets, but when you do that, bookmarks and internal linking break because the URL changes.

This looks to be a definitive bug, and it isn’t localized to just Mac. I’m seeing it on Windows too.
I’ll add it to the to-do list.

@Keith_Crone Sorry we didn’t catch your previous complaints!

This bug wasn’t on our radar until now, so thanks for bringing it to light.

Sorry, @Thao, but I’ll be surprised if this ends up being a bug.
See this:

URLs have never changed when moving between documents. Therefore, if you rely on a specific URL in a bookmark or internal link, it can never move.

Is this something being fixed or will it be left as is?

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