Moved items don't keep their creation date


Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new item and some sub-items
  2. Wait a bit, or just use one of your already existing lists
  3. Use the “Move to” feature to move the item to another location, or drag it in the document panel to create a document, or drag a document to create a new item from it
  4. The moved item (and its sub-items), which should be equal to the original, have the time of “moving” as the creation and last edit date instead of the original values

Expected result

Every item and their sub-items should keep their original creation date, since the items already exist (they are not new items) and they are not being edited (their content is not changing, only their location). This is also similar to how moving files works on a PC.

Actual result

See step 4 above.


Windows 7 64bit, Chrome 63 (64bit)

Additional comments

It doesn’t make sense to show the creation date of an item if it is this easy to change it, it is more reliable to use ![date]. Thanks for your attention and for your work!

Cutting and pasting items makes them lose their created date

I agree, but would argue this is a duplicate with the previous issue I created, which has obviously not been addressed yet.


Oh, I tried to look if someone had the same issue but I had’t seen your post, sorry. I’ll add a link to this discussion there, since I also wrote about sub-items and other features that have this issue I am unsure about deleting it.

EDIT: Nevermind, it looks like I can’t delete this, I’ll just copy the link.


I would also like to see this addressed

Thank you!