Move to a checked item may lead to invisible data

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an item, let’s call it “Trip to France”
  2. Decide what you want to pack there, make some other notes and check the item as done once you actually visit this beautiful country.
  3. After some time decide that you want to go there one more time, make another item with the same name (“Trip to France”), possibly in a different place of your doc structure
  4. Go somewhere else in the doc, create or point to another element (like “pack a toothbrush”) and use move shortcut (Command+Shift+M on Mac), search for “Trip to France” where you want to place the pointed element.

Expected result

The previously checked “Trip to France” should not be visible on the list or should be clearly marked as checked (depending on your settings).

Actual result

Both “Trip to France” checked and not checked are shown in exactly the same way, if you choose the wrong one your “pack a toothbrush” element may go to the checked element that you probably never read again. Particularly if checked items are not visible your note is basically lost.


Browser, Chrome on Mac but it probably doesn’t matter

Additional information


Additional comments

Thanks for catching this.

Do you mind if I rewrite the title as “Checked and non-checked items look the same in Move dialog” or at least “Move to a checked item may lead to invisible data”?

“Data loss” usually refers to losing access to data forever. Scared me when I saw the title.

Hi Erica,

my point was to illustrate that the data is lost from the user point of view (he will never know that he made a particular note). Technically it’s still there, but it’s not visible anymore.
But up to you, I won’t mind if you really want to change the title.


Thanks, understood.

The solution will be to display the checked items as so, and maybe add an option to not show checked items in such dialogues altogether.

Any chance this will be fixed in the foreseeable future?
Moving to an arbitrary place in a doc via a keyboard shortcut is a Dynalist killer feature, it’s a shame that it’s broken if used with checked items. What’s even worse is that it works, but may lead to losing some notes (or making them unintentionally invisible).

Is it not better now?

Now checked items should have strikethrough formatting to prevent these type of accidents. It was released a few weeks ago: Weekly update: 2018 week #36 | The Dynalist Blog

cool, now it works as a charm. Thanks for fixing this!

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