Move items to another place

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The UI will be similar to that of “Search and add link”. You’ll be ablle to bookmark a place and send an item or multiple items to under it (after all its existing children).

Keyboard shortcut would also be useful.

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My personal opinion is that this is a less elegant solution to the same problem that would be simply and clearly addressed by having multiple panes.

My current work around for this is that all of my common “destination” items are tags — @Clients, @Writing, @Errands, etc. I tag the item to be moved with the same tag, then do a Search to see both items.

I think they are address slightly different problems.

Say you have context A and context B, and you want to move things between it.

If you need A and B open at the same time, drag and drop between multiple panes. Great.

But if you’re only working on A right now, but still want to move a certain item to context B, that’s where this feature comes in. Opening a new pane, finding context, dragging it, and then closing the pane would be a lot slower.

Does that make any sense?


Got it, yes that makes sense!

I agree having multiple panes would provide a nice alternative for this feature though.

Just saying it’s not a duplicate :blush:

If there’s a feature I feel Dynalist is missing, this is it.

I don’t know how familiar you folks are with Emacs Org-Mode, but there’s a function called “Refile” that allows you to, well, re-file one heading under another one.

Going back in time, there were the good old MS-Dos based outliners which usually had some kind of feature for marking multiple list items and moving them to a different heading, or even a new heading.

This would be useful in a variety of scenarios, for example, having an Inbox heading in a task list with incoming tasks and be able to move them to a their proper project heading (or create a new project heading) later.

Or in my case, I love this functionality and still playing with ye olde outliners because it’s so good for doing stream of consciousness writing/brain dumps and making it coherent later.


Thanks for the feedback! I agree this is an important feature; I often wish we’ve already built it so I could start using it.

I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know how to use Emacs, so I’ve never really tried it. I’ve seen their website and screenshot though.

I’m surprised to see Org-Mode users here though! My impression of Org-Mode is that it’s super powerful and efficient. If I could learn to use that, I doubt if I would use Dynalist, seriously. I’m flattered but I’m also super interested in what makes you try Dynalist.

Also I think “refile” is a better name than “Send items to…”, but it sounds a little dated (maybe it’s just me). Hopefully we can figure out a good name.

It’s super powerful and, well, efficient once you master a lot of arcane keyboard shortcuts but far from elegant. In my case, I’m a non-coder who uses Emacs strictly for Org-Mode. It’s great in many ways, but frustrating to use in others and thus, I’m always looking at possible alternatives.

Also, I’ve yet to figure out a way to mark multiple items to refile at once, which is a feature that would be extremely helpful for my scattered style of writing.

Do you mean the “Mark and gather” feature?

Yes, that’s what it was called in a really ancient application called GrandView.

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Now I start to think (again) that we’ve lost so much wisdom from these ancient apps. Not sure why that is. Clearly not because it’s not useful…