Move item to top of list

I’d like to bulk move a list of items. However amongst this list I have one item I don’t want to move. Feature idea: Add a shortcut to move the active item to top of the list then I can drag and bulk move the rest of the items quickly.

Current solution: Pick the I don’t want to move, click and drag to the top of the list. Drag and select items below and move to desired destination.



You want a “send to top”.

A workaround is using MOVE.

MOVE moves an item to a list of your choice and appends it – at the bottom.

So if you move an item within the same list, it’s equal to “send to bottom”

Doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to do this, I wish they had a “deselect hold CTRL option” so you can deselect items you don’t want to cut and paste (as opposed to moving an item upwards)

In preferences you can decide to send an item to the top rather than the bottom of a list.

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Thanks so much!

I believe the move function takes too much effort to do this very useful function.

checkvist had

Ctrl-Home/End Moves the selected list item on the very top or very bottom of the list. If the list is focused, the selected list item will get to the top or bottom of the ‘focused’ node.

which I found very useful.

Also it doesn’t look like I can make my own shortcut to do that since it is not
built-in shortcuts in Dynalist

What shortcuts can be customized?

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@Erica How difficult would it be to implement this? :slight_smile:

I would really really benefit from a quick “Move to Top” command, as I have long lists that I manage the ordering of.

It can be unbound so users can choose their own shortcut. Right now, I have to resort to using the Move Item popup dialog, but that is slow and takes multiple steps. I have to jump between several documents and pick high priority items to move to the top of my list.

Please help us introduce this feature! I also see @anon26346057 suggest an idea where if you are focused on a node (i.e. zoomed in) then a Move To Top would just move to the top of that sublist. That’s a great idea!


I would also find this very useful. Hopefully, we’ll be able to set custom keyboard shortcuts for “Move item to top” & “Move item to bottom”.