Move a list from one document to another

I’d like to be able to move a list (A heading with all sub-items) to a different document. An example would be to archive a list where it is not longer desired in the old location, but it should not be deleted. Is this possible? If not, is there a feature request for it? Thanks.

For now, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V should work fine.

Maybe eventually we can implement a feature where if you hold a dragged list over a document long enough, you get switched to that document and can drag your list there.


Currently you can move lists over, including the collapsed contents under them, and Dynalist should copy them all. Double check with a few of them first, of course. I hope that helps!

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Just to add to the excellent answers above (thanks @Yatharth_Agarwal and @JP1!), we will work on a much faster way to move lists to anywhere else. See here for the discussion on that feature.

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I should amend this to say that does not work if the points are fully collapsed. The top bullet point needs to be expanded in order to fully copy everything. As seen below:

Otherwise, if you merely copy the top bullet point, it will not cover the rest.

From the looks of the last screenshot, the children seems to be copied over (because of the style of the bullet point). Am I missing something?

Oh, sorry. That’s just an image of me copying them, instead of the pasted result. And it’s hard to see, but to indicate that everything was copied, everything including the bullet point would be highlighted, as with the first image.