Most helpful api-related content

api design guide
.8 '17 API Design Guide | Hacker News

good methods for adding authentication to a REST API
.4 '18 Ask HN: What's the recommended method of adding authentication to a REST API? | Hacker News

stripe api
.5 '17 APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning | Hacker News

for api, i think of atom - Atom (text editor) - Wikipedia

it’s been said to be very well designed for extensions/plugins

i’ve no idea if that’s related to api, but if it is, then that’s where i’d would to first

minor notes

why? cos erica asked, so i guess why not

i’ve no idea if the sources are good, but im guessing they have a pretty high chance of being better than a lot of other things out there

i’ve no knowledge of api or any of this stuff

purpose of this thread

this is meant to be the most helpful resources specifically on api thread

please only recommend something if you have extensive knowledge on the topic (yes i understand im special =)

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