More Outliner-Software: LearnObit

I stumbled across a new Outliner which is very similar to Dynalist but focuses on learning and knowledge acquisition. It is called LearnOrbit .

It has some cool features but the thing I like the most is the option to have multiple panes and even the ability to tile them and drag items around.

Obviously I will not change but this is something I really want to see in Dynalist as well.

Btw. the UI looks strikingly similar too Dynalist. But maybe it’s just me.




Where did you even find this? I can’t even find their homepage by Googling “LearnOrbit” or “Learn Orbit”.

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I think they released today so the might need some time to place themselves properly in the search engines.

I found them on HackerNews in this post.

Dragging between tiles, droooool


I see, so it’s “Learn Obit”, not “Learn Orbit”, that might be why. It definitely looks interesting!

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Okay! That was a typo on my side :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to see multi-pane-drag-n-drop in DynaList as well. Someone reminded me that the ‘Move’ function in DynaList is very fast and powerful, (has keyboard shortcut), which met most of my needs at the time. But dragging between multi-pane views would make complex re-organization much easier, especially when I’ve been neglecting my inbox for some time.


I am the guy behind LearnObit. Thank you for reviewing my product.

I’m also a heavy user of Dynalist*. One thing I would like to say from that point of view is that Dynalist and LearnObit have completely different uses.

LearnObit cannot be used in general. So you can’t use it for organizing your thoughts or making plans, there are tools like Dynalist to do that.

Conversely, Dynalist is not specialized for the purpose of organizing knowledge because it has to be generalized, and LearnObit is a tool specialized for it.

So I am using both tools. It is not a matter of which one to choose!

*: Unlike the title, I don’t use Workflowy. I just quoted it because I thought it’s more famous.

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And you know what? In the meantime, I have just launched a new insane feature to cover thousands of simple fact pairs: The spreadsheet In the Tree structure!

This is ironic because the goal of LO is going beyond just learning simple fact pairs.

However, it is the case that the structure of many topics is basically a tree structure, but there are often a lot of simple fact pairs on some branches.

So, I think the spreadsheet with the tree structure is very promising combination.


That feature is neat! I wish you all the best with your product. I can think of some uses cases for me personally and I will definitely keep an eye on it.

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Thank you. Now it’s possible to go anonymously and try it out, so you might want to try it: