More formatting inside Notes

I’d like to use Dynalist as a complete GTD system, that means including reference material which typically means some documents are one title item with a long Note.

So I would like to be able to put a lot of formatting into my notes, not just bold and italics but also lists and headers and stuff. Basically full markdown (plus underline and strike-through).

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, I just started using Dynalist. If you have a better idea let me know. I’m coming from Evernote, which I wrangled into a GTD system with a hybrid of The Secret Weapon and David Allen Co’s recipe.


I’d like to see this as well! I’m seeking to import all my many dozens of Google Docs, spread across hundreds of folders, into Dynalist. Lots of my content work best as notes.

Thank you!

I’m also interested in a higher level of note formatting (HTML please) which could replace Evernote as my main collection tool. This would also be nice for importing emails as new tasks.

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I’m also looking for full markdown inside notes!

Same here. Full formating options in notes, that can be copied into text editors such as MS Word. Would allow to develop first drafts in Dynalist that could be taken up for finalization in standard text editing software.

Me too! I’d especially like to have list support and table support.

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I switched to Checkvist for this. They support lists and tables in items and notes. You need to enter multi-line mode by pressing shift-enter at the end of the first line.


here too.
this will attract al lot more user to dynalist which looking for Words like app with foldable list.


Add one more to the list of hopefuls. Having support for headings and quotes inside the note body would be very useful. Highlighting if we’re going to write Christmas lists. These would help in eg. processing articles a bit or getting them across into Dynalist.


Support for headings and quotes seem a little like overdoing it. If you put everything in the note, the hierarchical advantages start to disappear, right?

For example for Christmas lists something like this…

  • Christmas
    • Parents
    • Kids
    • Relatives

is probably better than…

  • Christmas gifts
    [Kids]: …
    [Parents]: …
    [Relatives]: …

where [content] is a heading in the note field.

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Sometimes the point of the note is to be one coherent chunk, like, say, an article. Not super relevant to outlining for eg. structuring doing, but using it for a more comprehensive knowledge base would benefit from that. Might be “slap a google doc on it” territory, though.

Example of where more formatting would be useful:


Interesting, thanks for the demo - when I write long things in dynalist (like blog posts but even academic papers), I write in the note section like you, but each separate bullet (and it’s note section) is used just for one paragraph - I really like this for early stages of writing in particular as I can (1) Give each paragraph a brief descriptive title in the bullet point section to see the flow /argument of my work (2) colour code them according to how happy I am with them / what stage they are at (3) Move them around easily (4) see the nested structure of my document quite easily (5) zoom in to focus on small passages of text at a time (6) probably other reasons – once they’re all coloured purple I’ll move it over to a traditional word processer, tidy up and do a final big read through

Yeah, the point of the formatting isn’t for structuring my own text - it is preserving the whole of another’s. My own notes are bullet hell.

Thanks for link. I’m curious. Do you use both Dynalist and Workflowy? Do you still think it’s better to have just one document?

Workflowy, for now. I think the one doc, share a bullet type structure just aligns better with the outline as a medium. Dynalist’s documents model and sharing model do work, but that’d mean an experience that emphasizes the page and builds the structure with the document tree, not necessarily the outline, though I guess my keeping shared bullets in separate subtrees even in Workflowy speaks against that intuition now that I think about it.

I too would like some more formatting options in notes. At the moment I can’t see much use for them as they are. @Erica may not see the advantaged which is fine, but other people do and I can’t see any disadvantaged to the idea.

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Formatting options in notes provides improved meaning and context, like a well chosen emoji. :sunglasses: I would like to see these notes get a little more power.